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The world cup ended a few weeks ago. Weeks of excitement, joy, immense sadness and passion kept a lot of us awake. And the best has won.

Back to reality and back to the day to day routines of work and life.

A lot of people, including gurus, like to draw a parallel between sport and the work space. Like in sports within organisations or as an entrepreneur it is about winning: winning over a client to buy your goods, trying to outperform a colleague, getting the highest award for your performance.

There is one big difference: the world cup is about weeks, your job is about years. Years of  maybe struggling to find the right job or a job. Years of investing in your education and capabilities. Years of sometimes struggling to support yourself and the ones that are dependent on you.

And there is one similarity: all those years can be very rewarding at the same time. Not always the workplace is the most rewarding place to be, but it turns into a rewarding environment once you focus on your own personal talents. The peculiar way you do things and the characteristics others would describe as: “he has a real talent for it”. A real talent for dealing with all kinds of people, a real talent for understanding physics, a real talent for logistics, a real talent for maths. In  other words your specific ability to do things others do different. And in search for your specific talent the world opens new opportunities.

South Africa offers those talents as any other place in the world. Have a look at the article about its hidden talents.  That is why we at PiCompany SA are so proud to be part of a special talent development program: the international leadership development program on international logistics and supply chain management. Funded through the Transport Sector Education Authority for the third year we are able to bring 25 emerging management talents to The Netherlands to enhance their experiences in logistics and SCM at a world class logistics hub. And they did well the past years: hidden talents indeed.

Also have a look at the Ajax Amsterdam model of talent development. It is not only about the individual’s dedication, you need an inspiring and supportive environment. Thanks to TETA and our partner WITS Business School that environment exists in SA.

If we keep on investing in SA’s talents, we create our own brainport!

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