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The January month associates with Monday. It is a new start of the year as Monday is the new start of the week. New plans, new motivation or sometimes: weekend is over, what a pity.


Probably that is how the human mind works. We need once in a while a reset of our motivation. That is why so many people are planning to stop smoking, eat less and sport more in January. And in February all those positive intentions melt down into excuses.

So it might be a good idea to have a closer look at goal setting and e.g. trying to improve your lifestyle. Success starts way earlier than January or Monday. It is not because we did not make enough plans, we fail to materialise our positive intentions. Probably it is because we did not dream enough about it beforehand and we are not dreaming about it because we are not taking enough time to reflect on what we would like to achieve.


Dreaming is long term and creates the framework for making plans. Without a framework we have enough plans but no need to materialise them and thus no action comes out of it. If we dream for example of being able to enjoy in good health becoming older so we can keep on working on what we are passionate about, a healthy lifestyle becomes more natural to us. So stop smoking and going to gym becomes a natural thing to do.


The power of dreams is all about that: what are your higher level goals. A good friend of mine did not hesitate a minute bringing his big four wheel drive car back to the garage to trade it in for a smaller economic Japanese car. This is an amazing thing to do in a car crazy country as South Africa is. And he still could afford the big car.


The only thing is: he is starting up his new business after leaving a well paid job at one of the four big banks in SA. So he thought the money he could save by trading in his old car would benefit his business: more investment made possible. This friend of mine belongs to what they call in the media "black middle class pearls". I call him a friend and a dreamer.


So don't focus only on short term goals but make sure your overall dream and ambition is in place.


So wishing you enough dreams to materialise in 2015!